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For most people their knowledge of the fuel system starts and ends with opening the fuel cap and adding some gas that disappears into their vehicle. If you want to get an understanding of the components of your fuel system then you can read about them in our guide – What is a Fuel System?

Maybe you’ve come to our site because your car is running a bit rough and you want to work out why. Maybe the Fuel injectors need cleaning? You’ll find out if you read our article about what causes fuel injectors to become clogged and why do they need cleaning.

What is the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner? Your Definitive Guide…

​ Fuel injector cleaners are a unique class of very specialized fuel additives whose chief function is to clean and maintain the fuel injection system in your car. Unless your car rolled off the production line earlier than 1986, chances are that it comes with an automated fuel injection system rather than a carburetor. While fuel injectors ensure more effective fuel usage and guarantee less emissions through exhaust gases, they usually suffer inefficiencies as the engine ages due to a build up of carbon residues and other solid deposits. Clogged up fuel injectors not only reduce the efficiency of your engine but could also cost you plenty of money in terms of untimely repairs and replacement of vital engine components. If your car has gradually turned into a fuel guzzling monster, chances are that your fuel injectors are clogged with carbon residues and other deposits. Fuel injector cleaners come either as fuel tank additives or direct flush agents. That said though, for a fuel injection cleaner to pass the test of efficacy, it should be capable of strip cleaning sediments and deposits off the injectors and combustion chamber as well as the intake valve. To help you make a good choice when shopping for a good solution to kick back life in your underperforming engine, these are our 5 best fuel injectors. ​ Top Rated Fuel Injector Cleaner Rating ADD TO AMAZON CART STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner This is a high performance fuel injector cleaner which contains specially formulated detergents with proven effectiveness in exterminating harmful varnish, gum and carbon deposits which reduce the performance, efficiency... read more

What is the Best Fuel Treatment for Cars?

The EPA has set certain guidelines on the amount of deposit controlling additives in gasoline and diesel fuel. These additives protect the engine and fuel system from the harmful effects of sediments and corrosive agents found in ordinary fuel. Though the fuel you buy at the gas station may meet the minimum EPA requirements, this is no guarantee that your engine and fuel system components are protected adequately. As a savvy motorist you should invest in a proven fuel additive today and you will end up saving much more in unnecessary repairs and parts replacement in the future. The demand for versatile fuel additives has risen so much that even if you are not an avid motorist, chances are that you have come across an ad for some fuel additive or another over the last couple of days or so. Some of the claims made in such advertising campaigns are so hyperbolic that choosing a product which actually works can literally seem like searching for a needle in haystack. To help you get the best value for money when you shop for a fuel additive, we have compiled a set of five reviews featuring the best fuel additives you can buy online today. As shall become clear presently, the 5 additives featured here are multipurpose in nature, doing everything from cleaning your fuel system to lowering emissions, preventing gelling, enhancing fuel economy and boosting engine power.   Lucas Fuel Treatment Lucas Fuel Treatment is a specially formulated fuel treatment blend which combines several oils and additives but no solvents. Although some people refer to it as Lucas gas treatment... read more

If you want to keep your car running nice and smooth, and avoid costly trips to the repair shop then you want to prevent the components in your fuel system from getting clogged. The best way you can do this is by using specialized fuel additives to your tank. Even if the system already has some deposits, there are many products that are designed to remove these and get you running like new.

To get started we have summarized the top rated fuel additives below.

Our Best Fuel System Products


 ProductWhat does it do? Gas/DieselRatingReviews
Star Tron Gas Additive Size: 16 oz
  • Prevents and fixes ethanol fuel problems
  • Removes water from fuel
  • Removes carbon deposits
  • Keeps injectors clean
  • Gas4.7
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    Power Service 1080-06 +Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer - 80 oz.
  • Use in cold winter months to keep fuel from gelling
  • Cleans injectors
  • Boosts cetane
  • Diesel4.8
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  • Cleans injectors and other components
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Diesel4.7
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    Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment - 1 Gallon
  • Cleans injectors
  • Reduces emmissions
  • Cleans and lubricates the fuel system
  • Both4.8
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    Royal Purple 11754 Max-Clean Fuel Cleaner - 6 oz.
  • Cleans injectors
  • Carburetors
  • Intake valves and combustion chambers
  • Can be used with ethanol blends and biofuel
  • Both4.8
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