What is the best Diesel Anti Gel Additive for your fuel tank?

When many truckers are just starting out on the job, they get a kit that contains some of the items that they might not think to buy, but will definitely need. One of those items is an anti gel fuel additive. A diesel anti-gel treatment helps with the fuel gelling or waxing effect in your fuel tank. Fuel components can crystalize or gel at low temperatures and will cause the fuel filter to plug.  One measure of this is known as the cold fuel plugging point (CFPP) which is essentially the temperature at which this occurs.  Changing fuel filters might help you solve the problem for a short while, but a diesel anti gel additive is the best option to solve that particular problem. These work best for people travelling in colder weather, especially going from one temperature to the other.

If you have severe gelling or waxing, the best thing to do is let the truck sit in a warm garage, and then when the fuel system has warmed up, treat the fuel with twice the amount of product.

So what is the best anti gel additive for your fuel tank? That’s up to you and your vehicle, and whether you want the additive to perform other tasks – such as cleaning the injectors as well.  We think these five are some of the best on the market:

Howes 103060 ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner and Anti-Gel – 64 oz.

Howes Diesel Treatment is one of the best options for extremely cold weather, lowering the cold filter plugging point (CFPP) in your base fuel line by at least 20 degrees. It is best used in the winter, but will also supplement cheaper fuel during the summer months. It provides cold weather protection in all diesel and biodiesel blends. Howes fuel additive actively acts to prevent gelling, but also increases the power and may even help with fuel economy, according to some customers.

This particular edition uses a half gallon in most diesel trucks, but also works on many other types of diesel fuel tanks.

Power Service 1080-06 +Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer

Power Service diesel fuel supplement works well for trucks and other vehicles with diesel engines, as long as they are not in an area that gets lower than the mid-30s. The product lowers the waxing point in the diesel fuel tank to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It also acts as fuel lubrication as it contains Slickdiesel lubricator. Power Service works on all sorts of diesel fuels, even Ultra Low Sulfur Diesels and biodiesel blends.

One of the detractors to this particular brand is that it does not have the best packaging. Many customers complain that the bottle does not latch properly and leaks, especially in temperature changes. If you choose to use this brand, make sure to store it upright.

REV-X Distance+ Winter 16oz Diesel Fuel Additive & Cetane Boost Anti Gel

Rev x diesel fuel additive is the specially fortified winter version of the same product that many truckers have used for years to prevent gelling. This particular formula was produced using real time results and diesel engines that travel throughout New England in the winter. Distance+ Winter helps with cold start issues, fuel gelling problems, poor engine performance or fuel storage issues. It is recommended for older injection systems as well as newer injection systems, helping them to run smoothly. Rev x even added detergent to make sure that the fuel system stays clean. It extends fuel useful life from 6 months to well over a year.

One ounce of the liquid will treat 25 gallons above -10F. Customers have very few complaint about this product, except for difficulties opening the bottle itself.

Lucas 10021 Extreme Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Treatment

Lucas diesel fuel treatment treats 250 gallons of fuel per half gallon. This is a new blend for the company that many truckers have used over the years. This is one of the better anti gel additives for diesel owners that care about the environment. The new formula eliminated fuel gelling problems while being less hazardous for the environment. It also increases fuel mileage and improves performance in colder weather, including helping with start times.

One customer even checked this formula at twenty degrees below zero and he still had a liquid! Lucas diesel fuel additive words best in all types of weather, but this new formula is great for tanks travelling throughout many types of weather.

Red Line 70802 85 Plus Diesel Fuel Additive Treatment

Red Line Diesel Fuel Additive works will all diesel engines to provide anti gelling. This is a little different from the others listed because, thought the formula has powerful lubricants, seal conditioners, fuel stabilizes, detergents, and rust preventatives, it does not have smoke suppressants. It may reduce smoking, but does not have that additive. Wear in fuel will be reduced by 75% and there is a 5% improvement in power and efficiency. When this treatment isn’t working to stop gelling, it will clean the fuel injectors in higher temperatures.

As with other product, many consumers complain about storage leakage, so make sure to store standing up and in an area without a lot of temperature fluctuations.