What is the best diesel injector cleaner?

One of the best ways to keep your vehicle in great shape and operating correctly is to use the best diesel fuel injector cleaner on the market. What the best one is depends on your vehicle, your needs, and your budget. Unfortunately, it is just a fact of life that over time your diesel injector will have harmful deposits that can gravely affect the operation of your vehicle. Diesel injectors sit in such a position that not cleaning it could result in a complete system meltdown. Diesel fuel injectors maximize the efficiency by atomizing the gas into smaller particles. If that does not happen due to a dirty injector, your power and mileage will greatly decrease. The best diesel fuel additive will increase the lubrication within the injector and clean and improve the efficiency. Remember that it is imperative to use a diesel cleaner for a diesel engine because of the way the system works.

It does not matter if you are watching television, sitting at the mechanic, or pumping gas, diesel injector cleaner advertisements are everywhere. But which ones really work and give you the best clean for the money? We break down five different cleaners to give you our perspective:

Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive

This liqui-moly diesel additive works to remove deposits in the diesel inject system, delivering better engine performance and a quieter ride. It also acts to clean the combustion chamber, making for an easier start and less diesel knocking. This is because the additive also increases the cetane rating of your vehicle, which improves the ignition performance which may be a problem in older cars. This is the additive of choice for car enthusiasts who do not frequently drive their cars.

As an added bonus, Liqui Moly 2002 also optimizes the emission test values, making for a cleaner burn; a clean burn results in less fuel usage and reduced emissions. Most users recommend putting the additive in every 2-3 tanks. You may not see the results straight away if you have always taken proper care of your car, but trust that this product is working hard and you will be able to tell a few thousand miles from now.

 Hot Shot’s Secret P040464Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

Hot Shot diesel extreme clean is one of the best products on the market to clean injectors – especially if it is your last resort after getting sticker shock at the mechanic. It’s extremely effective formula is a concentrated cetane improver, which works together with a fuel stability package that will take your car’s power and performance to the next level. It is also recommended for any other pieces of diesel working equipment you may have.

Most users claim to see an improvement in mileage and maintenance time almost immediately. Just one container will treat over 150 gallons of fuel. You will be able to feel in the starting of your engine when you need to add more – typically about one treatment per six months.

Royal Purple 11755 Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel Performance

Royal Purple Fuel System Cleaner is one of the few diesel injectors that can be used year-round in all type of diesel engines – light, medium, and heavy duty. The formula increases the cetane number by 8x, increases fuel economy by about 10%, improves ignition in cold temperatures, improved cold flow, cleans deposits from fuel injects and combustion chambers, and reduces smoke and odors. Some consumers say that it is difficult to get out of the bottle, however, so take care when pouring it out.

The minimum amount of Royal Purple Max-Tane recommended to do a complete treatment is one (1) ounce per five (5) gallons of diesel fuel. For most high performance diesel fuel operations, use one (1) ounce per two (2) gallons of diesel fuel. Many users say that you can round up if you are unsure of your fuel tank size.

Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula

Stanadyne diesel fuel additive is one of the only diesel injector cleaners made by a fuel injection equipment manufacturer, making it one of the most comprehensive diesel additives available.  The stanadyne diesel additive is the cleaner of choice for GM, Ford, John Deere, and Nasistar because it meets Cummins L10 Superior cleanliness guidelines. The lubricant protects against sulfur build up and acts as a special demulsifier, allowing it to continually clean while the vehicle is in motion. Independent tests of the Stanadyne Performance Formula have shown up to 8% improvement in MPG.

To use, add before fueling up the next time. Some consumers say to use a little more than the directions say, especially if you do a lot of travelling or moving around at higher speeds. This formula can also be blended with other Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives.

Power Service 03080-06 +Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive – 80 oz.

Power Service Diesel Kleen works in your vehicle to clean clogged up injectors, and prevents any dirt from accumulating again. It will boost cetane up to six numbers and improve fuel economy by up to 8%. Many consumers report that there are fewer problems with starting the car in cold weather, and that the car perform better almost immediately when driving in old weather.

This product is effect for all vehicles that use diesel fuels, including ultra-low sulfur diesel, biodiesel and biodiesel blends. However, many of the complaints about this product do come from truckers who do not see the results that others see. If you are looking for a diesel fuel injector cleaner for a truck, this might not be your best choice.